We are on a mission to create man-animal harmony, together with celebrating the timeless human-animal bond.

  • Active feeding of stray dogs along with looking after their well being for the entire lifetime; medical needs and ensuring vaccination against rabies
  • Create awareness about animal birth control as a means to man-stray dog harmony
  • Promotion of compassion and kindness towards animals while driving, to give animals a brake
  • Sensitization to broaden horizons of adoption; shift focus on senior stray dogs, paralysed dogs, blind dogs, community adoption
  • Provide a safe space, support group system for compassionate citizens grieving the loss of companion animals – both strays and pets, or those reeling under anticipatory grief
  • Offer companion animal loss grief counselling to bereaved owners
  • Conduct informal studies and observations on human-animal bond.
  • Establish compassion clubs for children, adults and old people

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