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Bridging Rainbows Foundation was incorporated on the 20th of September, 2023, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India as a section 8, non-profit organization.

We want to harness your goodness to help create a better world for animals together with fellow humans. You can donate, volunteer, fundraise for the causes the Bridging Rainbows Foundation believes in. Please reach out to us at

Yes, thank you for considering our non-profit organization for your valuable contribution to fuel the causes we believe in. We have started accepting donations ever since the Foundation was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. As a recently registered non-profit, we have applied for income tax exemption for our donors.
We accept donations only through NEFT / IMPS / Cheque mode. We DO NOT accept donations in cash at all. Our details are as follows.

The give animals a brake campaign is looking for dynamic caring souls like you, from all walks of life, regardless of the city and State in India to take the mission forward to make our roads as safe for animals. This is how you can help the cause in many ways by being the change maker:

Sponsor unisex t-shirts, stickers for vehicles and posters (in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, English to be put up at work places, notice boards) for the campaign

Click a picture with the placard message to ‘Give animals a BRAKE’ or record a short clip and share it with us, and also remember to share with your family and friends.

Sign and share the petition to ‘give animals a brake’

Share the stories of road hit animal victims, survivors and your thoughts as to why we need to give animals a brake. Write to us at with ‘give animals a brake’ subject line.

At any given point, close to three hundred stray dogs are under our lifetime care spread across different locations in Baroda. They are not random dogs. They have been under our lifetime care who are looked after daily, they have a name they identify themselves with. They are fed in clean bowls, given the love and respect they deserve. We believe in active feeding, being present while they eat, wherein that one hearty meal is also a means of bonding with them, observing their behaviour, checking on them for any signs of injury or ailment.

You are most welcome to join the co-founder, Mrs. Hansa Roy, on the daily round to learn more about the cause. Please reach out to us at regarding the same.

Stray dogs who cannot heal on the roads are admitted to private vets in the city of Baroda. Once the dogs recover (should they be in a condition to recover), they are dropped back at the precise place they were picked up from. Doing so is integral to maintaining the correct dog-dog and human-dog dynamics.

A shelter is no place for a companion animal, a home is. Moreover, shelters reach the brim capacity in no time as there are countless needy animals. Hoarding them in a shelter is not the solution. We promote spay and neuter and community adoption of animals.

No, we do not conduct spay and neuter but we promote spay and neuter as one of the best means for man-stray dog harmony, in addition to compassion. For more details, please read the handbook (hyperlink to book purchase at Amazon) authored by the founders of the Bridging Rainbows Foundation.

With little to no public cooperation or interest in sterilization of stray dogs and absence of stringent monitoring of the Animal Birth Control programme, there is a dire need to introduce transparency and accountability into the system despite the notified Animal Birth Control Rules, 2023. Please sign and share the petition urging the authorities to digitalise the Animal Birth Control Programme


No, not presently. But this is certainly one of our dreams we intend to achieve in the near future, should we get credible human resource who will deliver with integrity to the cause and finances, of course.

Please write to us at

Bridging Rainbows considers all the animals as equals. Our emotional bond is not only limited to the homed animals but also for the ones we care for on the streets, loved them as much and their loss is no different from that of pets. Bridging Rainbows support group service therefore includes the stray animals, birds, homed animals (pets), the ones who have crossed the rainbow bridge, and also the ones who went missing and were never found.

The anticipatory companion animal loss support group meeting is held every third Sunday of the month at 2030 hours Indian Standard Time in a virtual set-up.
The companion animal loss support group meetings are held every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 2030 hours Indian Standard Time in a virtual set-up.

People from all walks of life across India and the world over who have loved and lost/about to lose their beloved companion animal are most welcome to join the support group meetings.

No. Participation in the support group is free, as it is a service in honour of a beloved rescued dog named Butter, in whose fond memory the Bridging Rainbows initiative was set up.

The anticipatory and companion animal loss support group meetings are conducted by Dr. Kuhu Roy, India’s first certified pet loss grief specialist.

No. It is expected of all the participants to respect the privacy of the support group meeting members and not record the session or take screenshots.

Please write to to reach out to Dr. Kuhu Roy, for a virtual appointment with her for a session. An intake form will be emailed to you to obtain the necessary information to conduct the session. Should the client feel the need for a follow up session, it will be conducted in due course of time upon mutual agreement.
The sole purpose of a certified pet loss grief specialist is to help the client navigate through the loss of a companion animal (stray or a pet). Please note that a session with a certified pet loss grief specialist does not come under the ambit of mental health. For mental health issues, or underlying factors that may have been triggered due to the passing of a companion animal, kindly reach out to a mental health professional for the same.

Yes, because it is a professional service offered by a certified pet loss grief specialist. One session will cost 2000 INR, which you can transfer to the Bridging Rainbows Foundation for funding their activities aimed at celebrating the timeless human-animal bond.

The details you will provide will be preserved with confidentiality and privacy. The data will only be used to craft your session to help you navigate through the loss of your companion animal. Likewise, intellectual material provided to you all during the session is to be preserved by you and not shared, copied, distributed or reproduced in any manner.

You are most welcome to share the goodness of your companion animal with us. The stories and pictures will be featured in the fond remembrance section of the website along with respective social media handles.