We, humans, are the direct and long term beneficiaries who gain out sterilization of stray dogs. The stray dog population is humanely contained once the stray dogs are sterilized. Having the resident stray dogs sterilized is an insurance against rabies and unnecessary man-animal conflict, that ensures a better quality of life for all. For instance, the sterilized male stray dogs will not engage in fights during the mating season and nor will the sterilized female stray dogs become aggressive (when they sense harm for their pups) in the absence of pups. That is how the sterilization of stray dogs addresses the issue of easing aggression in stray dogs, if any. While sterilization of stray dogs is the responsibility of the respective Municipal Corporations through Animal Welfare Organisations (AWOs), it is the Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and the community as a whole who have to ensure the resident community dogs are sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. It is a matter of collective responsibility. The participation of all those who not only love stray dogs but also those who are indifferent to their presence or detest them is crucial for the success of sterilization of all the resident dogs. Stray dogs are community dogs; they belong to the community and are not merely the responsibility of one individual. Contribute to our spay and neuter fund.

Learn more about how spay and neuter is one of the best means for man-stray dog harmony by reading our handbook Can a stray dog become man's best friend?: 5 steps to harmonious living with stray dogs

Blurb: An informal handbook that answers all questions about the sterilization of stray dogs (Animal Birth Control programme) and emphasizes its benefits towards creating a rabies-free society for man and dog by 2030. It is a step-by-step guide to bring together the civic authorities, police, animal welfare organizations, media and the community for the success of the Animal Birth Control programme in the cities of India. A book in which both animal lovers and non-lovers will discover how to end the man-animal conflict on the streets.

Sign and share our petition to digitize the Animal Birth Control Programme, to bring accountability and transparency into the scientifically proven method to humanely control the stray dog population and prevent dog mediated rabies, regardless of the recently notified Animal Birth Control Rules 2023 – https://chng.it/8zTGyrGRGQ

Our Reviews

Bible For Those Who Want To Make A Difference! - 2 November 2022

Cannot be stressed enough how deep and insightful the book is. A Must Must MUST read for all - Animal lovers & I'd say specially for non -animal lovers so they finally self imposed closed eyes and brain open and know the facts from fiction which has been etched into their system!

P Roy Choudhury
A must read. - 2 November 2022

Must read handbook for compassionate citizens, municipal corporations, ngos for effective implementation of ABC program .

Avijnan Roy
Really good insights - 10 November 2022

Stray dogs are everywhere and instead of ignoring and abusing them if we follow what they have guided in this book, it will be a very good starting point for a symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs.

A well researched book. - 13 November 2022

I recommend this a must read for all animal lovers. A good effort by the authors. Thanks

Michael Overlie
Amazing work - 28 November 2022

This small but powerful book has changed the way I see stray dogs. The specific steps taken to assist the dogs and return them to their environment are simple and efficient. The result is incredible. Compassionate care and appropriate intervention create a win for all.

An easy-to-read handbook about the stray dog population in India! Myths de-bunked, solid solutions! - 11 November 2022

Dr. Roy and Mrs. Roy have written an easy-to-read handbook on the stray dog population and how to manage it humanely and compassionately. They use solid, relatable examples and descriptions of the problems faced in their community and set about debunking myths and providing viable solutions about the existing ABC program. Their attention to detail is remarkable. Highly recommended.

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