Welcome to the Give Animals A Brake awareness campaign aimed at reducing animal (wildlife and strays) road accidents and mishaps through compassion, sensitization, kindness and action. Join hands to become a part of the campaign, regardless of the city and State in India, as animal road hits are a matter of national concern and merit our attention. This is a call for compassion for animals on the roads and your support matters. This is how you can be their voice:

  • Take bumper stickers for your vehicle. WhatsApp +91-9409832254 to collect the stickers in Baroda and if based elsewhere, leave your address along with the number of stickers required on the number above to be couriered to you. 
  • Sponsor bumper stickers for vehicles
  • Share pictures of your precious ones you lost to a road hit for them to become the face of the campaign
  • Click a picture with the placard message to ‘Give animals a BRAKE’
  • Record a short clip to give animals a brake
  • Share the stories of road hit animal victims, survivors and your thoughts as to why we need to give animals a brake.
  • Sign and share the petition to ‘give animals a brake https://chng.it/xRPVQySNwn

We count on you for making the plight of the animals on the roads heard. Let our roads become safe for animals too.

CreditsMs. Gitanjali Rao, Animation Film Maker and Mr. KK Muralidharan, Production Designer, are the creative minds behind the creation of the campaign logo.

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