Life on the roads for stray dogs is not easy. Daily, there are some or the other wounds and ailments that require immediate first aid. With eighteen years of hands on experience, having learned from taking care of an average three thousand stray dogs over a span of eighteen years, we provide on the spot first aid to the stray dogs under our care. Since they are familiar to us, they easily allow to medicate and administer medicines to them and even clean their wounds. On the spot first aid has many advantages. For one, the dog is not required to be shifted to a clinic or a hospital, which helps curtail on unnecessarily expenses. Two, the dogs heal better and faster from such wounds in their environment that they live in, as against a set up they are not familiar with. Three, it is less of a trauma for the dog as he/she recovers at the place they belong to and minimizes the chances of infections as against a set up where there might be other ill dogs. Above all, it makes one self reliant and reduces dependency on others.

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