Adarsh Laali has been under our care ever since she was wrongly dropped off by an AWO in 2012 post spaying at one of our locations. This is a standard malpractice that goes on even today in the absence of monitoring of the Animal Birth Control programme.

After keeping her food bowl everyday, we were required to step back and only then she would begin to eat. She has been forever skeptical of humans and she certainly has solid reasons. Then, her best friend, Janki, was hit on the head by someone. Janki went missing and we never found her. Adarsh Laali became all the more reclusive.

As for the growth she has in her neck, nothing can be done given her advanced age, it has been the status quo ever since it developed.

In these twelve years, she has never allowed us to touch, until yesterday when she was found unable to get up from her place. She was hit. She is hospitalized at a private vet with the hope she will show some sign of recovery. Senior stray dogs take time to respond to stimuli. Let us give them that window to escape unhurt. Imploring everyone to give animals a brake!

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