A big thank you and heartfelt gratitude to the National Highways Authority of India, PIU Godhra, for stepping in with the Bridging Rainbows Foundation to create awareness to save the lives of animals on the roads.

If you are inspired by the NHAI to be the voice of the countless animals on the roads who are the silent victims of reckless driving, write to info@bridgingrainbows.org to join the 'Give Animals a Brake' campaign.

The awareness material is available in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam Kannada, Punjabi and English.

We cannot emphasize enough the contribution of Ms. Gitanjali Rao, animation filmmaker and Mr. KK Muralidharan, Production Designer, for giving the campaign its identity, the eye-catching logo.

The Gujarati catch line was written by Mr. Amit Raval, a staunch supporter of the Bridging Rainbows Foundation.

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