Some dogs simply refuse to grow up. One such child was Suzan. She came under our care in July 2006, along with Daisy, an orphan pup, a timid child. Suzan was mischievous and naughty, her polar opposite. Her smile was mesmerizing, as you can see in the picture.
Suzan assumed charge as the boss and Daisy readily became her subordinate. Infact, both of them together went for spaying and returned hale and hearty to their surroundings. Female stray dogs develop a strange sense of confidence after spaying, especially if they do not ever deliver. So, Suzan, became all the more powerful. She would send Daisy to go and pick up a fight with Goodies Kaalu and Melinda, a couple who lived right across the road. Daisy would return only after scaring the pair and bend infront of Suzan seeking acceptance and attempt to please her. A prerequisite to meals was a customary thrashing of Daisy by Suzan, she would just pretend to bite her but never really did. At times when Suzan forgot to do so, Daisy would come and remind her to do the needful. She was that innocent and my Suzan that wicked.
Tension, a dog with hooded eyebrows that gave a tense appearance hence the name, dropped by to flirt with the two ladies. On those days, the trio played together, followed by a welcome dance prior to food. Then, Suzan would invite Tension to lend a helping hand in bullying Daisy. Stray dogs have rare moments of happiness in their lives and they totally live upto them.
On 14th November 2010 Suzan was found with grave injuries to her abdomen and lower body paralysed. She was only alive enough after a brutal hit and run for me to watch her die an hour later on my lap at the hospital. Her helplessness and agony still haunt me.
Do you feel Suzan’s pain of untimely passing? Please be kind while driving. A small act of kindness has a macro impact on many lives, especially the ones for whom the world as it is unkind and brutal.
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