As we observe National Road Safety Month from 17th January to 18th February in India, here is an opportunity for all of us to bring animal road hits into the spotlight. This is how we can be the voice of the animals who become victims of reckless driving on the roads;

· Hold a placard with the message to #giveanimalsabrake. Put them up on your socials and share them with us too at or whatsapp 9409832254

· Record a short clip of a minute max emphasizing to give animals a brake while driving. Share the clip on your socials and with us too at

· Share stories/pictures of animals victimized/survived a road hit and remember to #giveanimalsabrake

· Sponsor and put up give animals a brake car stickers, posters, t-shirts. Reach out at 9409832254 or write to for more details. 

There are hundreds and thousands of animals all across India who die a terrible death or are crippled for life in a road hit. Let the plight of these animals on the roads be heard. A message of compassion, kindness and empathy towards animals while driving, to give animals a brake, can help save scores of animals as well as human lives.

Thank you in advance for being their voice.

#giveanimalsabrake #calltoaction

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