What does a blood donor hero dog deserve? Certainly not dying under the wheels at the hands of a reckless, brutal and an insensitive driver!

December 2006, Margaret was only hours old on the streets when she came under our care. She grew up to a beauty. She was spayed on time and she went onto become the leader of her pack. Margaret's grace and charisma was unparalleled.

She remained an unsung hero, a blood donor who did her best to save the life of a stray pup. She had so much faith in us that she did not even move when blood was being drawn from her. She just stared at Champ on the opposite table, returned to the streets and announced to her pack that she was back.

Margaret used to hate the speeding cars. Unfortunately that is what she fell prey to on the 20th of August 2018. Her lifeless body is very difficult to forget. The pain hasn't lessened a bit. What happened with Margaret, happens with countless other animals everyday in a compassionless society that does not give animals a brake.

If you feel Margaret's pain, volunteer to be the voice of animals who are lost to run downs or crippled for life. Write to info@bridgingrainbows.org to participate in the give animals a brake campaign.

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