If you have never seen a dog dance, please meet our Lajwanti, whose story is next in the Give Animals a Brake series. She came under our care in 2019 as a malnourished lactating stray mother dog. Her pups had been named Beagle Black, Droopy and Dedh Kaan. She has been a frugal eater ever since we have known her. She got spayed in late 2019 and so did her pups when they came of age. With no burden of having to fend food for her pups or look after them or ensure their safety, she then began to live for herself, as all sterilized female dogs do. She then picked up on a habit of shaking her rear end vigorously in joy whenever she saw either of us. But that was not the case last week when she was sitting stunned and refused to get up. A villager informed that she was hit by a car.

Three days of on the spot medication and special chicken and soup servings and she is back to dancing. We tell her we will not take her to the vet should her rear end fall off someday.  

On that note, not every dog is lucky like Lajwanti to have her life spared in a road hit and then get the medical attention and care they deserve. Let us do our part, and drive carefully. Their life is as precious as ours.

#giveanimalsabrake #spayandneuter

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