In decoding the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme series, let us understand how do we win a stray dog's trust, that acts as a ctalyst for their easy catching for sterilization.

Daily active feeding (instead of mechanically feeding – leaving the dog behind while he/she eats), being physically present while the dog eats, helps develop a bond with the dog and also helps to understand his/her behaviour. Good and/or neutral behaviour on the part of the community (no hostility or acts of provocation) sets the ball rolling for mutual trust. A symbiotic relationship develops that builds confidence in the stray dogs, even in the shyest and the supposedly aggressive ones over some time, that we do not intend to harm them and they, in turn, protect us for life – paving the way for man-animal harmony and a positive energy environment. Thus, feeding stray dogs is the crucial point where the welfare of the community begins in tandem with stray dogs, which transcends to easy catching of stray dogs for sterilization.

To understand the Animal Birth Control programme in detail as the most humane approach for man-stray dog harmony, read our handbook which is available on Amazon

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