The next episode in the Give Animals a Brake series is of Ghoda Kaalu. As his name goes, Ghoda (horse) Kaalu (Black) resembled a baby black horse in his youth. He was tall, dark and handsome. There was so much charisma in his personality that no one dared to mess with him. He had a wide area under his power, traveling from one gate of the GST colony to the other. As age catches up on dogs, even their reflexes slow down and so does the time to respond to stimuli. A reckless driver rammed him down. The good news was, his life was spared but the bad news was, that he could not walk. He was immediately shifted to a private clinic to get the best care that he deserved. Not being able to walk made Ghoda Kaalu become agitated all the time. None in the clinic staff wanted to attend to him other than the main vet who understood the agony of the dog who had been crippled for life. We would every day take chicken and soup for him and he would look with eyes as to why was he not able to walk. Then one day came a call from the clinic that Ghoda Kaalu was dead. They had no reason as to why he perished. No idea what took his life but it was unfair to lose him suddenly. There are dogs like Ghoda Kaalu who face apathy on the roads and if that is not enough, bias in treatments and care. The least we can do on our part is to drive carefully. Perhaps his end could have been a bit dignified. Their life matters as much.

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