Today’s Give Animals a Brake is about Gamala. He was a part of a big pack but he stood out because he loved to sit on the big flower pots that were watered often in the sweltering heat of Baroda.

For fourteen years, he was looked after every day, his food, well being and though he did not ever allow petting, his eyes had affection that he was loved and cared for.

We seldom heard his bark. As age caught up on him, he began to seek refuge under the cars. Then, one day, he was mowed down when his slow reflexes did not allow him to escape when a car he was sleeping under started off immediately without waiting for him to escape safely. It is so easy to be indifferent and so difficult for us that puts an end to a precious life in the most brutal manner.

Countless stray dogs across India meet the same fate that our precious Gamala did. The next time you turn on the ignition, make sure to honk once and wait for a couple of minutes to allow the dogs sleeping under the car and the cats on the tires to escape. Their life matters as much.

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