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Technology-driven solutions have been the mainstay of the present Government to improve programme implementation which helps in delivering the desired outcomes. With the same hope, I am pleading with you for the digitization of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme. There are serious lapses in the implementation of the programme which even the recently notified Animal Birth Control Rules 2023 fail to address. To begin with, some shoddy AWOs (animal welfare organizations) with no requisite training or expertise or human resources or infrastructure, and no knowledge of what ABC programme is, are recognized, which is why we need digitization. Such AWOs are seldom disqualified for wrongful ABC practices and even if they are blacklisted, they are reinstated for reasons best known to authorities, which is why digitization of the ABC programme is the need of the hour.

ABC Rules 2023 requires a one hundred eighty degrees shift in perception and approach by all those who are directly involved in the implementation of the ABC programme. If we go by the ABC Rules 2023 mandate of ‘refusal for recognition for a project operated by the local authority or AWO,’ then most of the ABC centres pan India will come to a close. These centres are the nodal points of malpractices, first-hand evidence of which can be obtained by a random visit to any of these centres any day of the year. Conducting surprise inspections atleast once every year in each ABC centre is certainly not going to ensure adherence to ABC Rules 2023.

Monitoring committees, as mentioned under rule 9 of ABC Rules 2023, were also mandated in ABC 2001, 2010 Rules, but none existed when it came to ground reality. Creating a digital space for ABC will provide real-time technology-driven evidence and provide first-hand data that will help cross-verify the data provided by monitoring committees.

If digitization is not introduced, the revised Rules will remain an empty formality leading to the repetition of serious lapses in implementation that will lead to the death of ABC 2023 Rules.

Digitization of the ABC programme is the way forward to attain its success for zero human deaths due to dog mediated rabies by 2030.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Kuhu Roy

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