Our Circuit House Chotu was a weak pup, found in April 2020 when he came under our care. He was frail and a frugal eater. All that he would want to have is a glass of milk, which had to be kept on the divider for him. Despite deworming, he never managed to put on much weight during his first year of life. Not that he was ill, food just did not appeal to him. He lived on love. However, post neutering, he built on muscle mass, and became a lanky dog but he continued to remain a frugal eater. He then shifted base to a roadside eatery and had little to no inclination to eat even then. But he was active and alert, just like other young dogs his age are. He would drop by occasionally to let us know that he is doing good and does not need us anymore. On the 2nd of March 2024, Chotu left for the hereafter in his sleep. There was no sign of injury, no blood, it appeared as though he was sleeping. He had a very short life, perhaps precisely four years of existence, but he left memories for a lifetime in our hearts. He was a very handsome dog.   

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