The next story in the give animals a brake series is of Bali, who was mortally afraid of humans.

Bali would rarely turn up to eat because had trust issues with our species and then there was Kaala Chotu and his girlfriends who would just not let her turn up to eat. It took mammoth efforts to catch her for spaying and once she returned to her premises, she began to maintain more distance from humans. She lived outside a home that gave her leftovers to eat. She was young dog barely a year old. We were relieved that she would not ever deliver and just live for herself, miles away from any human intervention

On 16th November 2023, came a call that a dog fitting Bali’s description had met with an accident. She had dragged herself aside (a clear cut sign of spinal injury), was not willing to eat or drink anything. Then, her fear of humans. She was hospitalized at a private clinic. A fortnight later, she had to be let go because there was no recovery. Forget the money, emotions, efforts, it is the pain that Bali had a very short life and she did not have any happy memories of humans to take with her.  

Bali got the best help but there are countless strays like Bali who get hit, many even do not get veterinary help, and those few like her who do, most do not even make it for very long.  

All lives matter. If we can brake for a fellow human, why not for an animal? Is there any difference between the two? Just like a friend said, you hit the soul, not the species.

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