Bada Panja got the name because he had really big claws. He was under our care from February 2014 when Mrs. Roy was informed by a good Samaritan about a very ill dog who desperately needed help. Although a bag of bones with very big claws, he was a handsome dog. His condition was such that he could not even lift his head. Daily efforts, good food, love and care made Bada Panja stand up on his legs soon. Bada Panja had tremendous willpower. Love is such a magic potion that he even became the leader of his pack with Natkhat, Natkhat ki Maa, Brown and Nattu as his subordinates. Watching his transition from a frail about-to-die dog to a dog who began to boss around, a few hearts in his neighbourhood melted and they started to feed him. He had a gunny bag to call his belongings. He carried it with him everywhere in the area that he roamed around. On 16th April 2017, a school van ran him down, that claimed his life. What would have those children inside the van thought? What about the shrieks of Bada Panja?

He was too integral a part of our lives and was brutally taken away from us.

If you feel the pain of animals lost in a road hit, come forward and become their voice. 

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