It is a devastating feeling when we get to know that the time we may have with our companion animal maybe very limited. There is shock, disbelief, hope, frustration, anxiety and an array of emotions that we undergo under such testing times. Some of us even try to bargain with the supreme power as a desperate measure to prolong the life of our companion animal who means the world to us. But, we cannot fight destiny. That one thing we can certainly do is to make the most of the time we still have in hand. A lot easier said than done. Seeking a safe space to find the support and strength of those who have navigated through the same waters is of great emotional help.

Should you be seeking a place to share your heart, the Bridging Rainbows anticipatory grief support group meeting is on April 21, 2024, at 2030 hours Indian Standard Time. Please write to for the meeting ID and passcode, with your name and confirmation that you will attend the meeting.

We bridge time zones, you are most welcome to join from any part of the globe.

Participation is free as it is a service in honour of our beloved rescued dog named Butter.

The meeting will be moderated by Dr. Kuhu Roy, India’s first certified pet loss grief specialist.   

  1. A maximum of six participants will be considered for one session.
  2. No racist, religious, casteist, sexist and political content will be entertained, failing which you will be barred from participating in any of the activities of ‘Bridging Rainbows.’
  3. ‘Bridging Rainbows’ expects from its participants to maintain confidentiality about the conversations that will take place in the support group meeting.
  4. The founders of Bridging Rainbows, moderators and the participants will only be responsible for their views and actions and not for anyone else.
  5. Please obtain parental consent if you are aged below 18 years and make sure to bring your parent along.

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