Adarsh has been under our lifetime care programme since the past year and a half. He is friendly, but from a distance. Last month Adarsh met with an accident wherein the impact with the vehicle made the radiator burst and the boiling coolant burnt his skin. He went into hiding and could not be found despite every effort to search him. He was found four days later, shivering in an under construction site, with his wound having blisters. The first day picture could not be clicked because he was mortally afraid and the priority was to medicate and feed him. Another challenge was to heal his wound without dressing because he did not even come close to stand. After twelve days of on the spot medication, all that Adarsh now has is a scar. 


Adarsh is one among the countless who has healed on the roads. To sponsor the first aid of injured dogs like him, please consider contributing to our non profit. Please visit for the details.

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